About Us

Red Tree Realty, located in Bay Park, San Diego, was founded by Justin D. Hoech & Seth D. Robinson. Both come from extensive business development backgrounds with combined experience totaling over three decades.

Justin D. Hoech has been in the Real Estate business for over 15 years as both a residential/commercial developer and broker.  His years of experience provide Red Tree Realty with the ability to navigate complex transactions, whether at a large or small scale.  As an experienced broker, Justin has the skill set to negotiate the details to ensure clients get the best possible value in their transactions.

Seth D. Robinson has extraordinary sales experience from having established and sold several small businesses.  He was able to build each business with unending focus and commitment to “customer service,” leading to client trust and ultimately a vast referral network.  With each business having flourished and providing the opportunity to sell the platforms, Real Estate seemed like a natural next step for his talent and experience.

Justin and Seth share a common commitment to use their God-given abilities to serve their entire client base with honesty, integrity, transparency, trust and honor. People always come before things and relationships are always held in high esteem at Red Tree. The team views the opportunity to serve you in your desired capacity very seriously, with respect, personalized attention, and a degree of professionalism they believe you should expect in this industry.

Justin has been married to Kelly for 16 years and they have 4 children together. In his spare time he enjoys time with family, reading, bible study and ‘family days’ at the beach.

Seth has been married to his wife Jaime for 12 years and they have 2 children together. Seth also enjoys spending time with family and friends from church, playing the drums, and tackling the challenges brought forth by the entrepreneurial world.

Seth and Justin are members of the San Diego Board of REALTORS®.   REALTORS® have always been held to high standard and are carefully subjected to necessary oversight.  Always ask your agent if they’re a REALTOR®.